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  Today’s Prices

STATION Unleaded Diesel Propane E85
Briggsmore $2.859 per/gal $3.699 per/gal $3.690 per/gal N/A
Salida $2.859 per/gal $3.699 per/gal N/A $2.499 per/gal
Mc Henry $2.859 per/gal $3.699 per/gal $3.690 per/gal N/A
Manteca $2.939 per/gal $3.759 per/gal N/A N/A
Riverbank $2.859 per/gal $3.699 per/gal $3.690 per/gal $2.499 per/gal
Dale $2.859 per/gal $3.699 per/gal N/A N/A
Ceres $2.589 per/gal $3.499 per/gal N/A N/A
Fuel prices are updated M-F 8a-4p and are subject to change at other times and may not be noted on this site.
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